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Customer validation design connects powerful designs to user needs. It's a process, building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and iterating on it.


The first thing we need to do is: (1) understand the settings, then (2) discover the solution. Next is to (3) create a prototype, which needs to be (4) validated by the end user. Then you are ready to (5) develop your MVP. When this is done, we can collect user feedback and iterate on it.


Those steps are the ideal work-flow for complex digital product design, based on Agile methodology and User-Centered Design principles. I've gone through this process with all my clients.


If your project or need is not so complex, we can just go for the basic steps (highlighted below) that will ensure your digital product is user- friendly. This will save both time and money!

Customer Validation Design


“Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.”

Robert L. Peters
Jeffrey Zeldman
Step 1
Understand the Setting​

• Market Research​

• Key Benefits & USP’

• Target Group & Personas

Step 2
Discover the Solution​

• Customer Journey​

• Lean Canvas

• User Goals & Buz Goals

• User Story Mapping​

Step 3​​
Create a Prototype​

• Moodboard

• Information Architecture

• Make Wireframes

• Build a Clickable Prototype

Step 4 (Optional)
Validate the Solution​​

• Interview Target Group

• Validate with the End User

Step 5​​

• Iterate based on Feedback

• Design Mobile First

• Responsive Design

• Deliver Design and Assets​

"Bring the right message to the right audience. 
Its all about relevance!"

Beatriz Garcia de Prado

My background lies in communication (I was a  journalist before), maybe that's why I see branding as a powerful communication tool! The transmitter is your brand,  the receiver is your audience and the message is any interaction between the brand and your user, so the possibilities are infinite. Think of your branding as, your tone of voice, your social media strategy and your customer satisfaction policy.


In this context, it's very important for future-proof branding to understand the user as much as possible, and align the company message ASAP.


The branding workshop has four sessions, where the client is actively involved. Marked with the star* are assets I will work on independently in the studio and bring to the session. 


Want to know more? Drop me an email or give me a call, I would love to help you with your branding!

Branding Workshop

Branding is more than a logo. It’s the way your brand communicates with your audience

Beatriz Garcia de Prado
Session 1
Explore Client Universe

• Market Research​

• Mission & Vision

• Key Benefits & USP’

• Target Group & Personas


• Position Statement

Session 2​
Brand Story Creation​

• Brand Values

• Brand Perception

• Brand Idea exercise

• Brand Personality


• Brand Personality

Session 3​
Get it Visual!​

• Moodboard delivery*

• Competitor Analysis

• Co-creation & Think Graphical exercise


• Symbols alignment

Session 4​
Brand Symbols Delivery​

• Logo*

• Colour palette*

• Typography*

• Feedback session


• Symbols delivery

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